How To Start Artificial Jewellery Business At Home In 2021

How to start artificial jewellery business at home in 2021 – best tricks

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How to Start Artificial Jewellery Business at Home In 2021

Today you learn exactly from A to Z on starting an artificial jewellery business 2021 from your home in this pandemic situation.

People in India are fond of jewelry as it is a symbol of social status and womanhood. As the price of costly metal jewellery soars up, People divert their minds towards artificial jewellery. Gone are those days where people were insane about buying gold jewelry. Today a variety of paper jewelry, jute jewelry, terracotta jewellery with fine designs are launched. Artisans make this jewellery with utmost diligence.

It is unsafe to daily wear gold or silver jewelry to workplaces hence the launch of artificial jewellery is a boon for ladies of this present generation.  Hence it also paves a way of business opportunities for this artificial jewellery business. It is a source of income for new entrepreneurs. This business has got customers of the low-income segment, Middle-income segment, and high-income segment. Hence artificial jewelry manufacturers and business dealers target all income segments as even the premium segment customers and people belonging to the fashion industry and cinema industry are the most loyal customers of artificial jewelry.

To start this business in 2021 where the pandemic dominates the globe it is easier to reach customers and have a good response and business turnover through online sales channels and creating their own websites and reach the target customers. We can design you a professional website. Get our website design service here. 

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India has a very high demand for artificial jewelry. You can start your business from home at the beginning and can scale it up by having an office, selling more products, hiring more people, and much much more to make much more money.

So now, Let’s see how we can start an artificial jewelry business at home in 2021.

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Decide your type of jewellery

Start Artificial Jewellery Business at Home In 2021

The first main step that you need to take before starting an artificial jewellery business from home is to decide the type of jewellery which you are going to sell. This step is very important because choosing the right type of jewelry helps you grow your business in a specific niche and specialize in it. When you are specialized in it, you can also research the other niches of jewellery and expand the niche of your artificial jewellery business.

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research about your business

Most people fail when starting their business because they don’t do proper research for their business. Proper research is very important before starting a business model. IF YOU NEED HELP OR A BUSINESS CONSULTATION, PLEASE DO CONTACT US. We reply to you within 12-24 hours.

Understand your target customers

It may be any business…Understanding your target customers is very important. Without doing this step, you cant succeed in your business.

Let’s say that you run an artificial jewellery business. To pick your target audience you can just simply target a specific audience. For example, “Artificial jewellery for Women over 40” or “Artificial jewellery for small girls” or any other thing. We have picked our target audience. Now let’s understand our target audience.

So if your target audience is small girls for selling your imitation jewellery, You need to know, learn, research what small girls like in jewellery. The colors, the designs, the trends, the sizes, and much much more…

Choose your mode of selling

Wholesale artificial jewellery business

The first type of selling artificial jewellery from home is the Wholesale artificial jewellery business. In this type, you can buy artificial jewellery from a good manufacturer and sell it to your customers in bulk. This mode requires a higher investment to start as you need to buy the materials in bulk. But this type of selling artificial jewelry is highly worth it as you only need a very few customers to make a profit from it. You also need a big storage space to run this type of business.

You may think that you can’t get a huge place for storage in a market as it may cost a lot higher price. So what you can do is, store your products in bulk in a place where the price of the land is lower. You can sell them with a small shop or retail store in the place in the market or wherever you want.

reseller in artificial jewellery business

You can be a reseller in your artificial jewellery business if you do not have a big investment to start Artificial Jewellery Business. You can just join other big companies and sell their products as a reseller. This is a good option because you don’t need to build your own brand to sell their products because their products already have brand value. This makes you get more sales.

You should be careful in choosing the right product to sell as a reseller as you need to fulfill your margin correctly as well as build a business. A good thing is you don’t need to store the products to sell them. But the problem is that you cannot know the quality of the artificial jewellery until a customer tells you the review.

Sell online

You can also sell the products online. The Internet has a huge no. of customers who like artificial jewelry. You can sell on E-commerce platforms like Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Or create your own E-commerce website to start Artificial Jewellery Business at Home In 2021.

You can start with websites like Amazon but if you want to get more sales and buil your brand strongly, You need your own website to sell your artificial jewelry. We can build a website for your business professionally. FOR DETAILS AND PORTFOLIO CHECK HERE. Get the best Website hosting with a free domain on BLUEHOST FOR YOUR WEBSITE.

Manufacture your own artificial jewellery

You can also manufacture your own artificial jewellery to sell them. But this is not that easy for beginners. We recommend the above steps to Start Artificial Jewellery Business at Home In 2021. In this step, you need to buy your own manufacturing machines to create your own artificial jewelry.

branding for your business

Branding is very crucial for a business to last for more years on the market. Let’s see what are the main factors of branding for your artificial jewellery business.

Brand name

Create a good brand name for your artificial jewellery business. The brand name of your business is very important. Notes to create a Brand name for your business:

Unique brand name

You need a unique brand name for your artificial jewellery business to be more attractive and identifiable.

Easy to read, pronounce, remember and Memorise

Your brand name should be easy to remember and read so that your customers remember your brand forever.

convey your biz type and message

The brand name of your artificial jewellery business should convey your business type and as well as your message correctly. For example: “John Trend Jewellers”.

Logo for your business

A logo is very important for your artificial jewellery business as it is the key factor of branding your business. Your customers should remember your logo for their lifetime. DO YOU WANT AN EXCELLENT LOGO FOR YOUR BUSINESS? WE CAN DO IT FOR YOU. FOR DETAILS, PRICING, AND PORTFOLIO, CHECK HERE.

Slogan for your business

Choosing a slogan can be difficult. But we can help you with that. We can help you with creating a slogan for your business for COMPLETELY FREE. FOR DETAILS CHECK HERE.

Website for your business

When you are starting a business a website is a must as it gives you an online presence.

Our client, BROWN DROPS CHOCOLATES, is very happy with our work. They get at least 10,000 website visitors every month. Even if the 1% convert as customers, they get 100 customers monthly.

100 customers*$20 for a sale, They make at least $2000 a month with the website which we have designed for them. DO YOU WANT US TO DESIGN A WEBSITE FOR YOU? CHECK OUR WEBSITE DESIGN SERVICE HERE.


We have helped more than 50 businesses to promote them online and get more than 500 orders a month online. This is completely possible with us. For more details, DO CONTACT US.

marketing your products

You can do all the above steps easily. But most businesses get stuck here. They don’t have a clear idea, plan, strategy, and techniques to market their products and business. Some businesses have a strategy, but that might be wrong or that may not work for their business at that time, or at that place, or at that niche of your business, or for some other reason. You can contact us to get the best strategy and consultation for your business.

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So now let’s sum up what we learned now.

  • How to Start Artificial Jewellery Business at Home In 2021
  • Choose your niche
  • Research about your business
  • Understand your target customers
  • Choose your mode of selling
  • Wholesale artificial jewellery business
  • Reseller in artificial jewellery business
  • Sell online
  • Manufacture your own artificial jewellery
  • Branding for your business
  • Marketing your products

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Do I need big investment for starting an artificial jewellery business?

THE ANSWER IS YES BUT NO. Let me explain. You don’t need a big investment if you choose a niche that requires less investment. For example, reselling. In wholesale and other similar ones need big investments. So choose the right niche that suits you perfectly.

Best niche in artificial jewellery business in this pandemic

The best niche in the artificial jewellery business in this pandemic is RESELLING.


You can contact us and book a business consultation. Our experts would help you out and give you a clear step-by-step plan, strategy, and guide for your business.

How can i sell my products online?

You can start selling your artificial jewellery on E-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Walmart, eBay, Shopify, etc., To be professional and get more orders, you can start the website of your business. You get a Hosting and free domain with Bluehost and hire a professional Website designer from us.

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