How To Grow My Local Business Online

How to Grow my local Business Online 2021 – Amazing tips

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Hey! Welcome to my article to learn how to grow your local business online. Today we will learn all the fast and best secret strategies to grow your local business online. Whether it may be a coffee shop, a restaurant, a dress store, or any other local business, this method works.


You might have a lot of questions about Grow My Local Business Online Believe me, I had the same questions in my mind before I started my journey. So, I have a local business, That is a Confectionery company, “Brown drops“.

I wanted to promote and Grow My Local Business Online. I read a lot of articles, watched a lot of YouTube videos, took a ton of courses to grow my own local business online. But nothing worked. Finally, I figured out an idea. I implemented it and I also learned a lot of new strategies as well. So let’s see those secret strategies.

create your website Now

If you don’t have a website, you are definitely losing a ton of customers for your local business. Having a website gives you a major online presence and also builds your brand’s trust. I have got more than 2000 customers with my website last year even during the pandemic. This will help you Grow your Local Business Online faster.

Website Design

So, start your website now. A website requires web hosting and domain to make the website live on the internet. If you want a professional website, we can build it for you for free. Contact us through [email protected] or message us on Whatsapp at +91 8825964192. You just need to buy the hosting and domain, to know more, contact us.

The best web hosting is Hostinger and Bluehost. I use Hostinger as it is ultra-smooth and fast and has excellent support and quality.

Email marketing – Start collecting emails.

Like having a website, Email marketing is also most important for a business to grow your local business online. Unlike other methods, email marketing does not need any traffic and does not have any obstacles to reach the customer. In email marketing, the promotions directly drop in their email inbox. Hence, you can get more customers if you do email marketing the right way.

If you don’t know about email marketing, Here is a tutorial on the Complete guide to email marketing. There is a lot of software for email marketing, in that the best is, Getresponse. Getresponse is used by many businesses to grow their own local business online. Getresponse is an email marketing software and an automation tool for business and brand promotion.

Here is a tutorial on how to use Getresponse.

Build an email list to Grow your Local Business Online

For doing email marketing, you need to collect an email list. Collecting an email list is not that tough. Here is our ebook on how to collect the best and high-converting email list. Every local business that wants to grow online, builds an email list. For example, Swiggy. Swiggy sends emails regularly to their email list and me too..,

Promote your business on social media.

There is a lot of social media on the internet today. I recommend you start posting your business promotion on any one social media that works for your business type. Then allow it to grow and then prioritize to another social media. Repeat the process in an order of social media.

Choose the right social media

You should choose the correct social media which suits your type of business. For example,

  1. Bakery, chocolate, restaurant and other food related businesses works on Instagram.
  2. Tutorial business works out better on Facebook and Linkedin.
  3. Online services works on Linkedin.
  4. Twitter works out better for Corporates.

choose the suitable post type

Next, the important thing is to post different types of posts on your social media. Like, image posts, video posts, text posts, story posts. Choose which one works for you and work out more on it.

Communities and Forums

There are a lot of new forums which formed in 2020. You can choose a set of forums and regularly interact with those people, give them value and then promote your business. But don’t just promote your business, that will be considered spam.

best way to promote your business on forums

If you want to grow your Local Business Online, of course, you need to go online. What I am saying is to

How To Grow My Local Business Online WITH FORUMS

Go to google search, Type your business niche first and add the word “forums”. Now you will get a lot of forums on the search page. You can join there, interact with people and promote your business. This is one of the fastest ways to get online brand awareness for your product.

Go to those websites, create a nice profile and then, start these works, doing this consistently, can rank your profile on the first page on google, so that you can get a lot of visitors to your business.

use business Listing sites

The fastest way to rank your business at the top of Google is to use business promotion sites. Those business promotion sites have a huge reputation. If you create your profile there, you would get more trust and again, your business would get more customers and more sales.

Best business listing sites

  • Google maps
  • Yelp
  • TripAdvisor
  • Justdial

and more…

There are a lot of free business listing sites. You can use the free plan in them. After you start getting results. we strongly recommend you to go for the premium plans. Try to use the local listing sites so that you can get more customers who are near your location.

Google my business

This is a free tool by Google for listing your business in google search. Google my business showcases your business at first when a person searches from or near your location (example: “restaurants near me”).

How To Grow My Local Business Online by google my business

Google my business allows you to create posts about your product and create a free website but the problem is that the website won’t rank on google search. We only recommend designing a website with the right hosting and domain.

Google my business allows you to:

  1. Create posts
  2. Add photos of your products and business
  3. Create ads
  4. Get reviews online and build your reputation
  5. Add your menu
  6. Add your business updates and product offers
  7. Get custom email address
  8. and much more…
Google my business begin biz

If you are not using google my business, use it now!!!

Start an affiliate program

I am not saying to join affiliate programs as an affiliate…Join as a merchant with your business in affiliate programs. Simply, the use of this idea is, you don’t need to invest money in marketing. Marketing is completely free for you and many people on the internet will promote your business for free of cost. You also get Brand awareness for free of cost and only if a sale is generated, they would get a commission.

By this method, you save money by not investing in marketing, and the money is spent only when a sale is done. Your business also gets free Brand awareness and brand promotion. It’s and triple profit for you.

signup Shareasale affiliate marketplace as merchant

Now you might be wondering how to start an affiliate program for your business. Here is a solution. Click here and sign up as a merchant in SHAREASALE. Shareasale is the No.1 Affiliate marketplace. Millions of people work here. Even me. What are you waiting for? Join Shareasale as a merchant here.


I see many people reading articles, watching videos, taking courses on how to Grow My Local Business Online, but at the end of the day, they don’t take action. They say that they have no investment to Grow their Local Business Online. If you say these reasons, I am very sorry. You cant succeed in this field. So, don’t tell these reasons.

  • So, start a website. We can build the website for you (CONTACT US).
  • Next start email marketing with Getresponse. Hire an expert email marketer (We can do it for you.)
  • Start promoting on social media. Hire an expert Social media marketer (We can do it for you.)
  • Join communities and forums
  • Use business listing sites. (YELP)
  • Google my business
  • Start an affiliate program with

all the best to Grow your Local Business Online


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